Why Lotus?

Lotus International Design Flooring reproduces the look and feel of a natural floor with none of the drawbacks normally found with these products.

A Lotus floor is a stable product with minimal expansion and a high tolerance to atmospheric variation unlike laminate flooring so is ideal for conservatories.

It is water resistant and can be mopped clean, ideal for bathrooms and kitchen unlike a wood floor.

It is warn to touch unlike a ceramic floor.

Can be installed on under floor heating with better heat transference than many natural products

Hygienic - Low Maintenance - Durable - Affordable

A Lotus floor will not harbour dirt, does not need sanding, will look good and perform for many years and is outstanding value for money.

What is Lotus?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) was originally developed as an answer to high traffic areas in commercial locations but over time has been adopted by customers in domestic environments because of the obvious benefits.

Lotus is manufactured in China by one of the worlds largest producers of LVT using the latest embossing technology.

With multiple options to choose from there is a perfect Lotus floor for any area of home or work.